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Electric bus SOR EBN 10,5

SOR EBN 10,5


SOR EBN 10.5, a low-floor city electric bus, is a double-axled three-door electric bus of 10,370 mm in length designed for public transport for shorter distances in city traffic. The body of the bus comes from the SOR BN 12 city bus, the rear overhang was shortened and the low-floor section remained unchanged. The bus seating capacity is 85 passengers, out of which 19 seats, with other 6 folding seats.
A brand new six-terminal electric motor, TAM 1049 Pragoimex, of the nominal output of 120 kW, was developed to drive this electric bus. The electric motor is water-cooled which has the following advantages:

  • weight of just under 400 kg, i.e. a very low weight compared to the air-cooled motors
  • motor is without a cooling fan - this reaches higher efficiency and lower noise
  • motor bearings do not overheat
  • motor allows more than double overload capacity
The traction converter is a water-cooled as well as electric motor, which further reduced the weight, the converter is very compact for installation. Moreover, the waste heat may be used to heat the interior. Of course, the whole drive includes recuperation.
The source of the compressed air is a finned rotary compressor with an air dryer and an oil separator.
The traction battery is composed of 180 cells, 300 Ah. Each cell is monitored independently as for overcharging, undercharging, and temperature. In case of a temperature increase, the whole box is cooled. By contrast, for extreme frosts, there is an option to install a heating system into the battery box. During the night shut-down of the vehicle out of the garage stand, the battery is kept at around 0 °C - the vehicle must be connected to a supply station. We recommend uncharging the traction battery up to the maximum of 80% of its capacity. Under these conditions the distance range of the electric bus, subject to the seating capacity and operation demands, is approximately 110 to 160 km.
The traction battery may be charged in 8 hours by means of "slow" charging (32A), including balancing of cells (necessary once a day). While charging, it is possible to set preheating of the bus interior so that it can be heated at the moment of the departure. Moreover, it is possible to charge by means of "fast-charging" of up to 250A - the charging time is reduced proportionally to the current to about 1 hour.

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