If you suspect illegal behavior occurring at SOR Libcha spol. s r.o., you have the option to report it. We recommend preferential use of the internal notification system. The methods of notification under the internal notification system are as follows:

in writing, via a secure web interface accessible from sor.whistlelink.com,
verbally, by making an audio recording through a secure web interface accessible from sor.whistlelink.com or by personally notifying the relevant person. You can arrange a personal meeting through the contact details of the relevant person)
SOR Libchavy spol. s.r.o. does not accept notifications from persons who are for SOR Libchavy spol. s.r.o. active other than in an employment relationship, as part of professional practice, internship or volunteer activity. Notifications from other persons will not be accepted by SOR Libchavy spol. s.r.o. solved.

The notification can also be made through the external notification system managed by the Ministry of Justice, by filling out the form available from https://oznamovatel.justice.cz/chci-podat-oznameni/. For the fastest and most efficient resolution of notifications, we recommend using the internal notification system.

The company SOR Libchavy spol. s.r.o. is not obliged to accept anonymous reports according to Act No. 171/2023 Coll., on the protection of whistleblowers. In order to facilitate the investigation, we ask that you provide your job title and any other data enabling your identification. Investigating anonymous reports is not excluded if they appear to be justified.

Person concerned

Announcement at SOR Libchavy spol. s.r.o. addressed only by designated relevant persons. The relevant persons are:

Ing. Věra Dianová

Contact details of the relevant person:

Email: personal@sor.cz

Phone: 00420 465 519 482

Contact information is only used to answer reporting questions or to arrange a one-on-one meeting with the relevant person. This information is not suitable for reporting. For reporting some of the reporting methods listed in the NOTIFICATION METHOD section.