News from SOR


The company SOR Libchavy spol. s.r.o. is still active in the markets of Romania and Bulgaria.

This year, we will follow up on the successes of previous years by supplying electric buses to new destinations in Romania, and we will deliver four EBN 9.5 electric buses to the city of Mioveni and seven ENS 12 e-buses to the city of Tarnaveni.
The latest success on the Romanian market is the order from the city of Ploiesti, where 9 ENS 12 electric buses have been running for more than a year. This fleet will be expanded by 22 emission-free EBN 9.5 e-cars. All electric buses will be equipped as standard with air conditioning, an information and communication system and new assistance elements that are in line with legislation valid from July 2024. All deliveries also include the construction of a charging infrastructure for slow and fast charging.

In Bulgaria, the “Clean Air” project was completed in 2023, as part of which we supplied electric buses and trolleybuses to the cities of Ruse, Sliven and Pernik.
Starting this year, new projects are listed under the title “Ecologically friendly mobility according to the National Plan for Reconstruction and Sustainability in the Republic of Bulgaria” for the period up to the year of implementation 2027.
The first delivery of the SOR company will be three EBN 9.5 electric buses for the city of Karnobat, again including the construction of infrastructure for slow and fast charging. The delivery of the vehicles to the customer is planned for the second half of 2024.

The total number of emission-free vehicles delivered by us to these countries will thus exceed 220 units this year.

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